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Music promotes good health and joyful feelings.  It alters our feelings because we are using the breath in a different and beneficial way.

"The breath is the common drum upon which all life beats"
        ~ Michael Great Mountain Ash

Music connects us and brings us into intimate relationships with each other.  It increases companionship and closer contact with others.

"It's a marvelouis healing force in our society.  Music also speaks to our hopes and dreams.  As with all art it is about expressing oneself via a different and unique language that allows the option of self expression."
        ~ Keith Fraser

It reduces isolation, triggers memories of happier times and, through diaphramic breathing, lengthens the breath and alters how we feel. 

Music and joy are closely inter-related!

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A Testimonial

When Doug Patterson comes into Craigdarroch Care Home, Residents and staff LIGHT UP!  His manner and style are exemplary!  Doug integrates into the setting with antics, music, interaction and joy! His effervescent smile and style connect everyone with fun and laughter.  Everyone naturally and easily flows into participation. He is a rare and intuitive entertainer that brings out the best in everyone!
~ Christina Scott