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Child & Family Entertainment

I lead Sing-Alongs and do musical theater for younger audiences that include :

Being part of a co-operative activity such as singing helps build self-esteem and group bonding. Children who sing together and/or with adults feel connected.

Singing Games
Moving while singing involves the whole body and all the senses.  We learn best when our bodies are involved. Without movement learning is self limiting.

Social dancing builds intimacy through touch, smiles, eye contact and co-operation.  There is no faster way to build community.

Musical Drama
Musical drama, often with books, allows for self-expression and ties everything together. 

Keeping the beat with non-pitched instruments gives everyone the feeling of being part of the band.

For some reactions to a session with me from a class of children please click here.

As often as possible I really love building family harmony and growth getting the kids and adults playing together.

I am also a Singing Santa and have musical dramas for Christmas, Halloween and Fairy Tales. I am available for birthday parties and any Christmas occasion.  I work with pre-schools to seniors and every age in between

Fee: $75 per hour + any expenses
Negotiable for non-profit & community situations

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Music makes pictures
And often tells stories
All of them magic
And all of them true.
All of the pictures
And all of the stories
All of the magic
The music is you!
~ John Denver