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Night Before Christmas


Singing Santa

Santa Doug in Victoria's Santa's Light Parade on November 29, 2014 (sponsored by Island Farms)

Santa Parade Photo 1
Photo Source: Times Colonist

One of the wonderful parts of playing Santa Claus is that everyone, young and old alike, are happy to see me.  They greet me with warm smiles and enthusiasm and I get to give the same back to them.  Everybody wins! 

How does Santa get his sleigh so clean?  He uses comet!
- Ho, Ho, Ho

As the Singing Santa, at any of the events types listed below, I can:

  • lead a seasonal sing-along
  • pass out presents and/or part favours

More 2014 Island Farms' "Santa's Light Parade" Photos
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2018 Santa Parade Photo 3
2018 Santa Parade Photo 5
2018 Santa Parade Photo 2
2014 Santa Parade Photo
2018 Santa Parade Photo 4

Santa On CHEK TV November 20th 2017
(Click image to play video)
Santa on CHEK TV Nov. 20, 2017
Video file generously supplied by CHEK

Children’s Events

Singing Santa

As the Singing Santa I create a musical drama for younger children that includes singing, dancing, drama, magic and great adventures. I can do this...

  • in your home
  • at pre-schools
  • in classrooms
  • at after school care

If you wish I can lead any of the activities listed on the Child & Family Entertainment page as the Singing Santa.

Santa with a lap full of ladies

Adult Events

Add a little extra flavor to your event by mixing some music into what you are cooking up! I can:

  • Entertain your guests
  • Lead them in a sing-along
  • Pass out presents/party favours
  • Provide knee sitting photo-ops (next year's christmas card anyone?)

...and/or if it is a family party...

  • Do the same for everyone's children

Community Events

Need a Santa for your crafts market, fund raising event or community celebration? can have one that sings!

Senior’s Events & Situations

Singing Santa
I will come to care facilities and senior centres as Singing Santa to bring musical memories to dementia patients and/or to deliver presents to residents/clients/staff in order to jollify the season for all. (see: Care & Healing)

Please Note: I also offer my "Five Different & Alternating, 40’ to 60’s Sing-Along programs (including jokes)" as the Singing Santa.










"Brightening the day for young and old alike"

Singing Santa Fee: $100 per hour + any expenses
Negotiable for non-profit & community situations

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